OHBM 2020 Educational Course:
o8t Labs: A machine learning augmented brain analytics platform

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This course provides background into the rationale, architecture, and workflow for the o8t Labs software by Omniscient - a machine learning based brain image processing pipeline with a rich anatomic and network framework



  • Overview of data science techniques and connectomics
  • Walkthrough of Omniscient's free to use multimodal, machine learning based neuroimaging pipeline - o8t Labs
  • Practical exercises using o8t Labs 

About the speaker


Stephane Doyen PhD

Chief Data Scientist - Omniscient Neurotechnology

Dr. Stephane Doyen is Omniscient’s Chief Data Scientist and former Data Science Director at a world leading consultancy firm. He has an extensive academic career where he focused on statistical methods in neurosciences and computational modelling of cognitive processes.

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