SSG Virtual Connectomics Course: 
Informing neurosurgical disconnections with connectomics


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The field of connectomics has vastly updated our understanding of neurological anatomy especially in identifying critical brain network structures that facilitate neurological processes. Such information is crucial for neurosurgeons to inform surgical decision-making.

This two-part course explores eight surgical disconnections and trajectories, and how to practically use connectomic information to inform surgical planning. Teaching is conducted through hands-on application of connectomic software and detailed lab exercises.

Hosted by the Subcortical Surgical Group with Michael Sughrue MD


  • Review updates to neuroanatomy as informed by connectomics
  • Explore lesions in eight regions of the brain and trajectories and approaches to perform disconnections
  • Utilize connectomic software to improve neurosurgical planning

Content from this course can be freely re-used and referenced. Please credit work to the author by including "Courtesy of Dr Michael Sughrue".


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Software set-up guide

Brain network guide

Part 1: Disconnections

Download lecture notes

Download lab guide

Part 2: Trajectories

Download lecture notes

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Course faculty

Michael Sughrue MD

Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Sydney

Lloyd Zucker MD

BRAIN AND SPINE, South Florida

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About the software



Designed by neurosurgeons, Quicktome backs each incision with detailed knowledge of the brain’s networks - built specific to each patient.